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Planting a "Heart Garden" : Mindful Kids by Whitney Stewart

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Planting a "Heart Garden" : Mindful Kids written by Whitney Stewart and Illustrated by Mina Braun (Barefoot Books Publishing)

Guide children (and yourself) through a short guided visualization.

Throughout the activity, every few sentences, remind children to take a deep breath "take a deep breath...breathe in through your nose and fill up your belly...breath out through your nose and let it all out"

Remember to breathe deeply along with children.

1. Invite children to lay down and to close their eyes if they'd like.

2. Encourage children to find a comfortable position for their own bodies. Trust that children know

what's most comfortable for their bodies.

3. Ring bell/rainstick/calming sound to begin.

4. You can gently remind children to "save their words" until the activity is done and that you want

to hear their words after the bell and when they open their eyes. (A lot of children will be

excited to share during visualization and will need gentle reminders to keep it in their hearts

until it's sharing time.)

5. After visualization, ring bell/ rainstick/ calming sound and invite children to sit up and to open

their eyes.

6. After visualization ask children what they imagined:

  • "What word did you plant in your heart?"

  • "What did your word grow into?"

7. You might want to share what you imagined too.

To purchase the full deck of Mindful Kids Cards please see the Barefoot Books Website

Extension Opportunity:

Invite children to draw or paint their heart garden. (You can help children write the words

that go along with their work)

Collaboration Opportunity:

If you'd like to share, please email a photo of your child's heart garden expression to to be put together in a world community heart

garden and shared around the globe!

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