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Message to Families

Dear Families, 

I hope this message finds you healthy and safe.


With many young children being at home now instead of preschool, many families are facing challenges of balancing working from home, caring for children, providing consistency and activities for children to do at home, remaining emotionally and physically healthy at an incredibly uncertain and unsettling time for our world community. 


As an early childhood educator, researcher, professor and advocate, my sincere hope is that this site can be used as a support and resource center. By no means is this a "one size fits all" list of things families "should" be doing in order to ensure healthy development. There are many different models and each situation is unique. 

This site is being developed and contributed to with intention and love as place to come for ideas and curated, high quality research and resources to be used as you find helpful and possible for you and your family.


Please feel free to reach out via the "connect" form on the About Author page. 

Stay safe and be well,


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