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Anti-Racism & Anti-Bias Resources


"Reflecting on Anti-bias Education in Action: The Early Years":

A Film by Debbie LeeKeenan • John Nimmo • Filiz Efe McKinney

"A new film, Reflecting on Anti-bias Education in Action: The Early Years,  produced by Debbie LeeKeenan and John Nimmo,  features vignettes of anti-bias strategies in early childhood classrooms interspersed with teachers reflecting on their practice."  

Based on the Books:
Anti-bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves 
by Louise Derman-Sparks and Julie Olsen Edwards with Catherine Goins

Leading Anti-bias Early Childhood Programs: A Guide for Change
by Louise Derman-Sparks, Debbie LeeKeenan, and John Nimmo

Directed by


By Louise Derman-Sparks

"Children’s books continue to be an invaluable source of information and values. They reflect the attitudes in our society about diversity, power relationships among different groups of people, and various social identities (e.g., racial, ethnic, gender, economic class, sexual orientation, and disability). The visual and verbal messages young children absorb from books (and other media) heavily influence their ideas about themselves and others. Depending on the quality of the book, they can reinforce (or undermine) children’s affirmative self-concept, teach accurate (or misleading) information about people of various identities, and foster positive (or negative) attitudes about diversity."

Children in Library

     Becoming an      

Anti-Bias Teacher

"Teaching for Change carefully selects the best multicultural and social justice books for children, young adults, and educators."


Anti-bias & Anti-Racist

Educational Programming

Programming that offers children the spaces they need to learn to respect and embrace each other’s differences and become the socially-conscious citizens of tomorrow

more resources to come 

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