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"May we all be peaceful"

Reflecting on our common human bonds and sending our love to OUR world.


"Whoever You Are" written by Mem Fox,

illustrated by Leslie Staub


"Mindful Kids Activity Cards" written by Whitney Stewart, illustrated by Mina Braun

Find the "Loving Kindness" Card in the deck and read the guided meditation to send love to ourselves, our loved ones and to our world.

*Option to cut out a paper heart and laminate it with tape so children can hold onto it during the meditation as a sensory anchor, maybe children want to decorate their own heart!


"It's a Small World After All"

"This Little Light of Mine"

Open ended question to reflect on together:

How are we the same as ALL the children, all the people all over the world?

You might invite the child(ren) to draw a picture of their ideas. You might help them write/spell any words that accompany their picture and reflections.

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